Friday, 16 November 2018

The Fabulous Thunderbirds - My Babe


ARUBA  ABC Islands

Thank you once again Ruby for this card , one of many that you have sent me ..all from these wonderful destinations in The Carribean and the ABC Islands...This card shows a multi view of attractions on Aruba.. Thank you so much Ruby I love these cards
Posted 29 October : Arrived Sydney 12 November : Traveled 14days.

UNited Nations USA

UN  New York  USA

Another surprise card today from a friend visiting the UN in New York City.. Thank you Irma ..for this card ..and taking the time out while on your vacation .also with UN cancellation.!!.
Posted New York : 03 November : Arrived Sydney 14 November : Traveled 11 days.. Thank you Irma.!


Luoyang  : CHINA.:

A Postcards United card  has just arrived from China showing this great ruaral scene...looks so peaceful Thank you for thiis card (unsigned)...
Posted 12 October : Arrived Sydney 13 Novemeber : Traveled 32 days  Xie Xie..

United States of America

Death Valley . CA.  USA.

Wow what a card !!!...Thanks for this swap mate...a vivid reminder of what this National Park can be like with its amazingly high temperatures.Also a great card to add to my National Parks ..thanks mate
Posted Houston : 31 October : Arrived Sydney 14 November : Traveled 14 days,,


Nordsee : GERMANY :

Tank you Melanie Luise .for this great view on this surprise card.. A nice surprise,  and another lighthouse to my collection Vierlen Danke. So when are you coming to Australia !!you are welcome..
Posted 04 Novembere : Arrived Sydney 14 November : Traveled 10 days.

Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton - Can't Find My Way Home