Tuesday, 17 October 2017

United States of America.

Bemidji: MI.: USA.

Thank you Stfford for this map card of The State of Minnesota..when I was there I stayed in Minneapolis also...Thanks for thinking of me on your recent trip...
Posted Bemidji: 27 September : Arrived Sydney :17 October : Traveled 21 days.. Thanks again y'all.

The State of Minnesota was the 32nd State that was admitted to The Union. Minnesota covers and Area of some 84,068 KM2 with a population of 4,387,029. The Capital City is St.Paul. The Motto of Minnesota is L'etoile du Nord " The star of the North "

United States of America

Portland : Maine : USA.

Thank you again Mel...you are always so kind with your time when traveling and remember to send a card to me... I love it !! This is another card from your "Girls Cruise" I know that it must have been lots of fun..This card shows The Portland Headlight at Cape Elizabeth in Portland Maine.this is an aerial view of The Portland Lighthouse with Portland skyline in the background..Thanks again Mel !
Posted 17 September : Arrived Sydney : 15 October : Traveled 29 days.


Wakayama.: JAPAN:

A nice surprise from a good friend in Japan...knows I love trains !!! This is a lovely card special release with special post mark and stamps just released by Japan Post..Thank you Tomoko for getting me one of these card and stamp releases...Arigato.Tomoko..
Posted Wakayama : 04 October : Arrived Sydney 16 October Traveled 12 days...

United States of America

 What a lovely card showing the sunrise with the pink touches to the snow capped mountains of the  Grand Tetons National Park Wyoming. Thank you Staff and Sherry for taking time out to send me a card from your recent road trip through this lovely part of the country that took in this marvellous National Park.
Posted Cody : WY: 02 October : Arrived Sydney 15 October : Traveled 13 days..thanks again mucker..


Kazan : RUSSIA.

Thank you Svetlana for this nice card showing the Kazan Kremlin with the Spassky Tower..
posted Kazan :15 September : Arrived Sydney12 October : Traveled 28 days...Thank you again Sveta..
The Kazan Kremlin is the chief Historic Citadel of Tartarstan.Situated in The city of Kazan and was built at the behest of Ivan The Terrible on the ruins of the former castle of Kazan Khans and was declared a Unesco World Heritage site in 2000.
The Spasskaya Tower is named after The Spassky Monastery that used to be located nearby. Among the churches other building was The Church of St.Nicholas (1560's four piers ) and the Cathedral of The Saviour's Configuration (1590's six piers ) and were all destroyed during Joseph Stalin's rule.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

United Arab Emirates.


 What a surprise!!!  I have been waiting for this card and had forgotten all about it Thank you very much for the swap Kitz.for this GREETINGS  The United Arab Emirates. ( UAE .)
Posted ??? Arrived Sydney 04 October .
AREA.The UAE covers an area of some 83,600KM2.
POPULATION : of The UAE is 5,779,760 inhabitants.
CAPITAL CITY of the UAE is Abu Dhabi.
LOCATION : of The UAE is in The Persian Gulf.
NATIONAL SYMBOL of The UAE is The Falcon.
COSMOPOLITAN ::  Dubai is the mosmopolitan City in The World with more than 83% of its inhabitants are foreign born.
ARCHITECTURE:The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, with an architectural height of 828.0 meters tall, The building is three times as tall as the Eiffel Tower, and two times taller than the Empire STATE Building in New York City.
ARABIAN ORYX :The legend of The unicorn may have started with The Arabian Oryx as when you look at them from the side their two horns look like one.Their horns can reach 50 - 75 CM in length
FAMOUS : Ahlam, Hamdan Al Maktoum , Hussain Al Jassimi , Maitha Al Maktoum.
POSTAL SERVICE.: There is no postal delivery service , as Dubai has no street addresses and no zip codes or area codes. !!!!  how about that..
POSTCROSSING.: There are over 240 Postcrossing members in Dubai.

United States of America


Another great card from my good friend and fellow card swapper Arnold. This card sent from San Diego in California fro his recent visit and thank you heaps Arnold you definately keep me in great cards of my interest. This card shows The Museum Sip ( now ) The USS MIDWAY CV 41. located now it is retired from duty and it can be found in San Diego California. Thanks again Arnold..

The USS MIDWAY CV 41 is the longest serving Carrier in The US Navy .Commissioned in 1945 and served as The Flagship in Desert Storm in 1991. The USS MIDWAY remained at the "tip of the sword" on a 47 year odyssey shred by 225,00 Americans.That spanned The surrender of Japan in WWII, The Cold War , The Korean War, Vietnam , The eve of Detente and Desert Storm.