Monday, 11 December 2017



This is a most attractive card showing these three young girls from Karen "Long Necked Women" from Maehongson in Thailand .. I saw some of the same women when in Burma...amazing. This is acard sent from a french post crosser..Thank you Eliette for this card from your recent voyage to Thailand.
Posted France :20 November : Arrived Sydney 07 December : Traveled 16,734 kilometers in 18 days.


Split : CROATIA.:

What a great view of the red rooftops in this beautiful city of Split in Croatia.. This is a place that I have always wanted to visit..and hope to soon.. Thank you so much Shelley for thinking of me with this nice postcard on your recent trip to this lovely part of the world.


Navi : Mumbai : INDIA.:

A lovely colourful card showing these two Bishnoi women from Rajastan in local dress and adornment.. so really colourful...Thank you Sanjay for this swap card.
Posted Navi:  Mumbai: 17 November : Arrived Sydney :07  December : Traveled 21 days.


Bled :  SLOVENIA.:

A lovely sunset view on this card from Bled in Slovenia.. Thank you so much Shelley for this card from your recent travels there..

Tuesday, 5 December 2017


Kiev : UKRAINE.:

What lovely colours there are in these womens festive dresses and the red boots and the head wear...These women are Ukrainean women in festive dress and from the Area of Forset- Steppe in The Dniepers middle reaches...such a lovely card ..Thank you again Tetyana for these lovely cards.and lovely stamps. Spasiba Tetyana..
Posted 24 October : Arrived Sydney 23 November : Traveled 29 days...


Shkodra : ALBANIA.:

A surprise card today from Albania...This is another of our PIF cards this one is number 34 and thank you Idrit for this card from your hometown.. The card shows a lovely scene of the town with beautiful snow capped mountains in the background.Thank you for this fine card..
Posted 15 November : Arrived Sydney 05 December : Traveled 19 days..

United States of America

Kilauea.: Hawaii.: USA.

Another lovely colourful lighthouse card from my mate Ruby..Thank you so much for all these great cards.. This lovely card shows the Lighthouse in Kilauea. Hawaii.. this is why I love lighthouse cards so much they are all so different and the same subject.Built in 1913 This stately lighthouse Kiluaea Lighthouse is as pleaseing to the visitors eye today as it is to anxious mariners at night.
Thank you once again Ruby I love all these lighthouse cards.
Posted 07 November Arrived Sydney 15 November : Traveled 8 days.