Friday, 11 January 2019



 A lovely Colourful Christmas card from Finland and Thank you Virpi for your kind words and wishes...card shows Finnish girl in National Dress in front of the Christmas tree enjoying Christmas cookies..This is a PIF card swap #94   Kitos Viri..and may 2019 be kind to you with good fortune.
Posted 31 December 2018: Arrived Sydney 10 January 2019,Traveled 10 days.   fast !!



I have just received a long awaited bunch of cards   from a good friend in Azerbaijan.. They are the most lovely colourful cards This first card shows the woman with this musical instrument  in what appears to be a music shop !!! also the card has a lovely matching stamp.. Thank you so much Nuray for this swap and these lovely cards. This is a great card..
Posted Baku 11 November 2018 : Arrived Sydney 11 January : 2019..traveled 60 days..WOW !!!

 The cards says : The musical instruments that are a national assett of Azerbaijan The people are distinguished by their richness and their variety of their cultural and material patterns works of poets classics , medieaval musicologists, and miniatures of painters afford grounds to assert that in olden times as many as 30 musical instruments were used in Azerbaijan ...Thank you Nuray for the information.

South Korea

Seosuwon .SOUTH KOREA.:

Not  often do I receive a card from South Korea!!  this is a Postcard United swap card from Seunghan and thank you for your kind wishes for The New Year of the Pig ( Golden Pigs year ) thank you

Posted Seosuwon 24 December 2018 Arrived Sydney 10 January : 2019 Traveled 17 days ...thank you .. and best wishes for you also for 2019.

United States of America

Wyoming : USA

Thank you Yuri for this card that has just arrived ..A swap card from Postcards United.. Thank you.. The card shows what I thought is a site called "Devils Tower" there is no information on the card. So I have gone to Wikipedia. for whatever information I need.:
 Posted 24 November : Arrived Sydney : 10 January. Traveled 47 days...slow journey !!

 The Devils Tower : (Also known as Bear Lodge Butte ) is a laccolithic butte composed of igneous rock in The Bear Lodge Mountains,  part of the Black Hills.,near Hullet and Sundance in Crook  County in northeatern Wyoming, Located,just above the Belle Fourche River, it rises 1,267 feet ( 386 meters ) above the Belle Fourche River standing  867 feet (265 meters ) from summit to base.
 The summit is 5,112 feet ( 1559 meters ) above sea level. Devils Tower was the first United States National Monument established on 24th September 1906 by President Theodore Roosevelt. The Monuments boundary encloses an area of 1347 acres (545 Hectares.) In recent years about 1% of the monuments 400,000 visitors climbed Devils Tower using traditional climbing techniques..
( information courtesy of Wikipedia.)

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Sri Lanka


Colombo : SRI LANKA.:

 Another surprise.. Thank you Cheng Mun for this swap card and another "Flags of the World" for my collection.Thanks for your help on this one..
Posted Colombo: December 192018 : Arrived Sydney 02 January : Traveled 14 days  Xie Xie .. for this card .
SRI LANKA  covers an area of some 65,610 KM2.
POPULATION of Sri Lanka is 20,277,597
UNIQUE : is "JAYA SRI MAHA BODHI "The sacred fig tree". : is said to be the rightwing branch of the historical tree under which Lord Buddha attatched enlightenment.
The worlds oldest living human-planted tree with a known planting date in 288 BC.
GOVERNMENT : Sirimavo Bandaranaike  The worlds first female elected head of government in 1960.
 CEYLON : Sri Lanka was known from the beginning of British Colonial rule until 1972 as Ceylon.
PRODUCTION and EXPORT :Cinnamon , rubber and Celon tea which remains a trademark National export.
BEAUTY : Sri Lanka.The pearl of The Indian named after its natural beauty
HISTORY.:PAHIYANGALA: Paleolithic human settelement which dates back to 37,000BP.
INDEPENDENCE.: February 4th 1948 sees Independence from the United Kingdom.
REPUBLIC : 22nd May 1972 sees Sri Lanka become a Republic.



Just arrived this PIF card from fellow swpper in Brasil Thank you Jeao for this Unesco card  and will go nice with my Unesco collection. The card shows the historic town of " Ouro Preto " ( Black Gold ) formerly the city of  Vila Rica and is in the State of Minas Gerais, formerly and old colonial coal mining town located in the Sierra del Espinhaco mountains and designated a Unesco World Heritage Site because of its outstanding Baroque Architecture. Ouro Preto is located in one of the main area of The Brasilian gold rush. Thank you so much Jeao for this Unesco card
Posted 26 Novemebr 2018 :Arrived Sydney 09 January : Traveled 41 days,, Abrigado..

Hong Kong.


I always love to receive Chinese New Year post cards.. this one is from Hong kong in this the "Year of the Pig.". I love to receive the zodiac New Year cards and stamps from world wide..Thank you Derek for this card and also your kind New Year wishes..This is a Postcards United card.
Posted HongKong : 24 December : Arrived Sydney 09 January : Traveled 16 days Xie Xie Derek.