Friday, 25 May 2018

Faroe Islands


A nice surprise recently arrived ..A PIF-RAS card from a fellow card member ..Thank you so much Rosmarie for remembering me by sending this hard to get card...Posted also from origin and postmarked so...great thank you. another "Flags of the World" for my collection..
Posted Foroyar : Faroe Islands .07 May : Arrived Sydney 22 May : Traveled 15 days.

Greetings from the Faroe Islands :
THE FAROE ISLANDS :  cover an area of  1,399 KM2.
POPULATION of The Faroes' is 49,188
CAPITAL CITY : of the Faroe's is Torshavn
UNIQUE ; is the Cap Enniberg :and is the highest cliff worldwide (754 mtrs )that comes absolutely vertical at a right angle out of the sea,
SPECIAL BREEDS :to The Faroes are : The Faroe pony ,The Faroe cow, The Faroe sheep,and Faroe goose and duck.
FAMOUS.: The Island of Sheep.: The origin name comes from the Danish word (foer ) and is an old Norse word for sheep (oerne) = plural of Island.
FOOD.: Skerpikjot.:the most popular treat..well aged wind dried mutton.
HISTORY : Logting.The oldest parliament in Europe and goes back to the year 900.
ARCHAEOLOGY :The first human evidence between 400-600 Archaeology finds suggest settlements earlier than the viking arrivals in the 9th century.
FAROE ISLANDS: has been a self governing country since 1948 within the country of Denmark.


Le Van Sy...VIETNAM.:

What a lovely colourful and busy card from my lovely Friend Trang..Thank you so much Trang for this lovely card showing this riverside market in Vinh Long  I just love all the conical practical..and I also loved these markets when I was traveling through Vietnam..always so busy !!
Posted le Van Sy :16 May : Arrived Sydney : 24 May: Traveled 8 days  (fast ) Thank you dear Trang..

United States of America.

San Antonio  Texas  U.S.A.

Thanks Staff for remembering me on your latest trip down in southern Texas...This card show The Alamo.. historical site in San Antonio Texas..San Antonio has a population of over 1 million inhabitants is big in every way with many varied Cultural , Historical.and entertaining attractions..and sees over 20 million visitors every year..
Posted San Antonio.:07 May : Arrived Sydney :21 May: Traveled 14 days..

United States of America

Houston .Texas.U.S.A.

Another great swap from my friend Arnold.Thank you for this mame..The card shows The Giant Pacific Octopus. (octopus deleini.).. These Giant octopus live in the rocky reefs and caves on The north Pacific coast and feed on crustaceans and fish...Thanks again Arnold also for the great stamps..
Posted Houston 04 May : Arrived Sydney 21 My : Traveled 17 days

Monday, 21 May 2018



A surprise card from a fellow Post card club member...and what a lovely card it is..Thank you so much Wency for thinking of me...This card shows The Gunung Kawi Temple that is set in a ravine in Bali..thanks again ...Terima kasih Wency.
Posted Bali 23 April : Arrived Sydney 17 May.: Traveled 25 days..

United States of America

Houston Texas...USA

 Thanks Staff for remembering me from this stop off on your way to San Antonio...apparently this is the largest gas Station just outside Houston in The USA and has 120 gas be an army working there..Thanx mate.!
Posted  San Antonio....07 May : Arrived Sydney 17 May.: Traveled 10 days..

New Zealand

Auckland .  NEW ZEALAND

 Thank you Susan for this lovely card showing mount Tongariro and the lovely Tongariro National Park...This is a popular walk known as the Tongariro Crossing...part of 28 Unesco area sites located here..Thank you again Susan for this PIF card #21..also thanks for the lovely stamp
Posted 06 May.: Arrived Sydney 17 May Traveled 11 days.