Wednesday, 14 March 2018



Sydney ..AUSTRALIA.:

Hi everyone...sorry that there is a short break here with my cards as I have a major printer problem ..and cannot scan my postcards...Apparently the Computer is not talking with the printer !!!  so..have to see to some repairs or until that happens  I am unable to upload the cards...sorry about that ...till then take care and keep smiling..  stay tuned and watch this space.!!

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

United States of America

Illinois.: USA.

Thank you Jessica for this swap card and another for my collection of National Birds and Animals..This card shows The North American  Bison  (sometimes called a Buffalo) and what a magnificent animal it is a truly American icon...Thank god they survived..The card shows all stats..
Posted Illinois ;27 February : Arrived Sydney : 06 March : Traveled 7 days ( really quick trip )


Minsk : BELARUS.::

 Such a lovely scene..with the silhouettes of this windmill and buildings in the sunset..Thank you Alesya for this nice card... Postcrossing cards bring all sorts of surprises...don't they !! Thank you also for this really lovely stamp..
Posted Minsk :20 January : Arrived Sydney 02 March : Traveled 15,140 kilometers in 35 days.



A lovely colourful card showing the exotic birds of Peru and its amazon region.. This is a PIF card # 35 and thank you Andres for this lovely nature card..The card states The Cock of the Rock is the state bird of Peru...such beautiful birds.
Posted Peru :03 February. Arrived 05 march : Traveled 30 days...Thanks again Andres.


Tatarstan: RUSSIA.

Thank you so much Alexandra  for this card from Tatarstan..a very unusual place to get a card from and always welcomed on my postcard blog..cant read the info on the card.!!1 thank you also for the great stamps..
Posted 28 January : Arrived Sydney 05 March : Traveled 14,910 kilometers in 36 days..Thank you..

United States of America


Oh !! I love these "Beignets"...great memories from New Orleans...cant get enough of these when there...just to sit with a coffee and plate full of these and watch the people go by..The card shows the reipe for these beauties..Thanks for this swap Arnold.. A New Orleans specialty bought to New Orleans by the French colonists in the 18th century..
Posted 17 February.: Arrived Sydney 05 March : Traveled 19 days...

Monday, 5 March 2018


Moscow.: RUSSIA.:

A great black /white card from Moscow in Russia...another post crosser card..This card shows this girl doing her exercises while reading a book on the Moscow unusual card and a great pic..Thank you so much Olga.. Spasiba  for this nice card..
posted Moscow.:07 February : Arrived Sydney 02 March : Traveled 14,496 kilometers in 22 days..