Thursday, 29 October 2020

Czech Republic


  I never receive too many cards of birds and wildlife  certainly my favourites among a couple of others  This is a surprise card from a friend in The Czech Republic and once again the scene is a group of birds unfortuneately I do not know their names of the species.. Thank you George

Posted Prague : o5 October : Arrived Sydney : 30October : Traveled  25 days  Thank you George..

United States of America

New Jersey: USA.

 I love these State Birds and Flowers series of cards.. and my collection is looking good now.  This card shows The State Bird of New Jersey  The lovely Eastern Goldfinch..and also shows the State flower of New Jersey ,The  Purple Violet..  A lovely card Thank you Arnold for this swap card  I cant beleive that the delivery time from the USA to Sydney was 149 days.on this card.!!
Posted Houston May 27 : Arrived Sydney October 22 : Traveled 149 days..


United States of America

 Franklin Tennessee : USA.

 Thank you Melissa for this another World Postcard day card !  I am the lucky one as this is three of these cards that I have reeived . The World Postcard Day is celebrated by all postcard senders and receivers worldwide. This day October 1 2020  . Thank you s much Melissa for thinking of me at this time. Posted Tennessee 01 October 2020. Arrined Sydney : 30 October : Traveled 29 days..Thank you also for The Bugs Bunny stamp..  I love it !!


 Bremen  : GERMANY.:

 Thank you Birgit  ! What a bnice surprise  so you are visiting Bremen and your first time..first times are always the best !!  I am pleased that you are out and about travelling as not many people are these days. !  I will soon travel again but it must be gere though !

Posted in Bremen 10 September : Arrived Sydney 30 October . Traveled 50 days..  Danke Birgit !!

Thursday, 22 October 2020



  This is the latest  first day  " maxi card " relaese by Australia Post. A nice series of cards showing Australian "Water Flowers" This release was 27 September in Lilydale Victoria.
Top Right Card : The Lotus Lily . (Nocumbo nuciera)
Bottom Left Card :The Giant Waterlily  (Nymphnea gigantea.)

Bottom Right Card :  The Entire Marshwort  (Nymphoides geninata ) 

United States of America.

Enid .: OKLAHOMA. : USA. 

Thank you so much Ann for this "World Postcard Day "card. This is the second card that I have received from friends and feel bad that I did not have one that I could have returned the favour. This is a celebration of The "FIRST " World Postcard Day celebrations in the world  October  1 2020... Thank you so much Ann for this lovely surprise card  and also the great train stamps that you have attatched as well !

Posted Oklahoma .: September 01 : Arrived Sydney 22 October : Traveled 21 days.. Thank you so much Ann..

United States of America

 Minnesota .: USA.

  Thank you once again Arnold for helping me with this series of StateBirds and Flowers cards for my collection.. I really like this series of cards  as I love birds and the cards are so colourful.     This card Shows The State Bird of Minnesota "The Common Loon"  also shows the beaautiful State Flower also of Minnesota " The Pink and White Lady's Slipper"  How nice is that !!!
Thanks again Arnold  also for remebering the Buggs Bunny stamp.!!
Posted Houston TX:September 29 : Arrived Sydney 22 October : Traveled 30 days. Thanks again !