Thursday, 17 August 2017


Riga .: LATVIA.:

 A nice card from a nice place ...a card from Riga in Latvia..a place I really loved on my travels there...Thank you James for this thoughtful first I thought it was a "Hard Rock Cafe " card when I saw the guitar.. I was impressed by the amount of music to be enjoyed when I stayed in Riga..
Posted Riga : 01 August : Arrived Sydney : 18 August : Traveled 15,317 kilometers in 17 days.


Giethoorn.: NETHERLANDS.:

A surprise card from a lovely friend who always remembers me on her travels..this time from the wonderful village of Giethoorn in Holland..Card shows many of the local scenery of this famous little town also known as "Little Venice."..such a lovely card Inge and it must have been such an enjoyable time that you spent here in this lovely little cars only some bicycles..
 Posted 07 August : Arrived Sydney 17 August. Traveled 10 days..Vierlen danke fur die wunderbarre postkarte Inge..

GIETHOORN.: is a village in the Dutch Province of Overijssel and is located in the municipality of  Steenwijkerland and about 5 kilometers south west of Steenwijk and is often referred to as "The little Venice.". giethoorn used to be a pedestrian precinct but nowadays exceptions are made.and became locally famous especially after 1958 when, The Dutch film maker Bert Haanstra made his famous comedy here" Fanfare". there were no roads in the old part of the village (though a cycling path was eventually added ) and all transport was done by water over one of the many canals. The lakes in Giethoorn were constructed by unearthing "peat".
Giethoorn was a separate  Municiplality until 1973 , when it became part of Brederwiede
Giethoorn has become a very popular place for Chinese tourists . This village of only 2620 inhabitants sees between 15,000- 200,000 Chinese tourist every year.

fFrench Antarctic Territory

FRANCE : Antarctic Territory.:

A most welcome "flags of the World" card and a difficult one to obtain.. Thank you so much Catherine for this card and also the swap...really thoughtful of you..
Posted Tromelin :25 July .:Arrived Sydney 09 August : Traveled 15 days.. Thank you again Catherine.

Greetings from A.F.A.  Salutations des Terres Australis et Antarctiques Francaises

AFA. covers and area of some 439,781 KM2.
POPULATION of The AFA. is 150 inhabitants.
UNIQUE ; to this area is that there is no permanent habitation.there is up to 150 researchers Since 2004 the Administrator is a prefet , with headquarters in Saint -Pierre on Reunion Island.
There are also no harbours on the Island" The Morlon Defresne ", an oceanographic ship travels four times a year to The Islands.
FAMOUS :  Adelie Land  The French claim on the Island of Atarctica.
PHILATELY.:Represents a non negligible financial contribution to the territories budgetary resources between 7-9% of the total budget.
HISTORY: formation of The French Southern and Antarctic Lands have formed a territoire d'outre-mer ( an overseas territory ) of France since 1955.
ILES EPARSES.: in February 2007 became an integral part of The French and Southern and Antarctic  lands.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Chisinau : MOLDOVA.
What a nice surprise.. Thank you Olga for remembering me with this great meeting card from The Postcrossing event held in Chisinau Republic of Moldova on 29th July..Thank you also to the many thoughtful attendees that signed the card also...such a surprise to receive...thank you all..a PIF RAS card
Posted Chisinau : 01 August : Arrived Sydney 16 August : Traveled 15 days.



A lovely map card of China ..from a fellow Postcrosser from Taiwan.. Thank you Rita Lee for this lovely old map card..The card also shows more of Asia..Japan , Korea , and Taiwan ...nice map card... Xie Xie.
 Posted Taiwan01 August : Arrived Sydney 16 August : Traveled 7,212 kilometers in 15 days. 


Shanghai CHINA.. A Postcrossing card arrived today from a fellow Postcrosser in Shanghai China...Thank you Xiashu.. for this card from your visit to Taiwan showing the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas in Kaoshung Taiwan.. Xie Xie..Thank you,for this card..also nice stamps of Expo Xian 2011
 Posted Shanghai 25 July : Arrived Sydney 15 August : Traveled 7,881 kilometers in 19 days.

United States of America


Thank you Sean.. for this card as I really like to receive these meetup cards from The Postcrossing meetings all over the world. This particular meeting was held in San Diego July 30th 2017.. Thank you Sean and also to the many attendees that signed the card on the day...
Posted San Diego.: 01 August : Arrived Sydney 15 August Traveled 12,110 kilometers in 14 days.