Tuesday, 26 May 2020


Darjeeling : INDIA.

  What a great card  Thank you so much Poonam for this card..  so many memories here..  I also traveled up here th Darjeeling to ride this famous train  "The Toy Train " This "Blue Train" of The Himalayan Railway " is quite famous and built for the British "Raj " to  access the mountains and avoid the heat of  the stifiling summer heat  in the lowlands. Organising a ticket was not an easy  process but eventually I got my ticked and joined this unique train...This is a most enjoyable train journey through the  streets of the various towns while ending up at the highest train station Ghum"
Thank you so much Poonam for this great card .. I love it..I could not find such a card when I was there /
Posted 29 February : Arrived Sydney 26 May : Traveled 87  days.  Ther must be so many cards out there in Postal world !!! . Also thanks for the great stamps..
I have attatched some of myown photos from my trip on the "Toy Train".






United States of America

 Chatanooga TENNESSEE..

  Great Card !!  Thanks for this swap card Arnold..  another great train card for my collection.. you know this is a place that I  have always wanted to visit..  I guess it is the Civil War History of this city..  Thank you so much again at least thais has arrived quiker than so much other post !!
Posted North Houston : 25 April. : Arrived Sydney 21 May : Traveled 27 days..


 Darjeeling . : INDIA.

 What a lovely scene this is ..  A view of Katchenjunga from the high city of Darjeeling in Northern India..  This brings back memories  for me on my trip there to ride the "Blue ( TOY ) Train"..  extremely high altitude where I had some difficultycliming the many hills that are the sreets there..  My view of The Himalayas was not quite this good as so many days there was  a cloud cover and quite cold.. I trvaled to Darjeeling for the fresh mountain air trying to avoid the highly olluted air at sea level in the cities...Thank you so much Poonam for this lovely card from your trip there.. 
Posted Kolkata.:29 February : Arrived Sydney 26 May : Traveled 87 days....  so long !!!


Rostock : GERMANY.:

 AT LAST !! some cards  ..This is a lovely card from this beautiful German city of Lubeck: This is a Unesco World Heritage sie..  Thank you so much Ramer for this card .. another long journey !!!
Posted Lubeck March 23 . 2020.. Arrived Sydney May 26 Traveled 64 days,,

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

United States of America.

South Dakota : USA.

Thank you Arnold for another State bird swap card for my collection.. This "State Bird "card  is from South Dakota showing "The Ring Necked Pheasant." What a lovely lookig bird !! ..also it shows The State Flower "The Pasque Flower".. also nice .. Thank you again Arnold for this card .
Posted North Houston : 25 April : Arrived Sydney 20 May : Traveled 26 days..


Lyon .: FRANCE :

Another most welcome surprise card from France..  This imy  first "Virtual Meetup" card due to the current circunstances in the world this Postcrossing meeting was held online with 13 members  arrending .The meeting was held in Lyon France 23 April 2020  Thank you so much for this meetup card..Brigitte..  nice one ..
Posted Lyon 23 April: Arrived Sydney 20 May  : Traveled 23 days.

United States of America

Florida. : USA.

 I have just received three cards the most for months.. mayb the post id coming good at last .!! This card a Postcrossing card from Florida is a favourite i love the cocktail recipe cards  and they only happen rarely.. I love them this one is for The Florida Margarita..  and I love Margaritas  Thank you so much Mike.. Great card !!
Posted Florida 25 April. Arrived Sydney 20 May : Trabeled 26 days..