Monday, 16 July 2018


Koblenz.: GERMANY :

What a surprise it was to receive this card...and what a great colourful card it is.. The card is from a dear friend who is the proud owner of this lovely puppy (all grown up now ) his name is "Lillebror".
This is her own personal card now that is on sale all over Germany..So good what a lovely thought...Thank you so much dear Andrea...Vierlen Danke fur die wunderbarre postkarte..(please excuse my Deutsche.)..hugs..
Posted Koblenz : 02 July : Arrived Sydney 14 July : Traveled 12 days..

New Zealand

Auckland : NEW ZEALAND.:

Thank you Susan for this PIF RAS is the first I have received in this map card series of cards..The cards show the various areas and some facts and information on the country..Thank you so   much Susan for sending me this card.
Posted Auckland :07 July : Arrived Sydney 14 July : Traveled 7 days.


Koblenz.: GERMANY.:

A lovely colourful multi view card has just arrived sowing the many wonderdful attractions in The city of Koblenz...what a beautiful place it is..Thank you so Much Andrea for this lovely card.
Posted Koblenz 01 July : Arrived Sydney 15 July : Traveled 14 days. Vierlen Danke Andrea.

Thursday, 12 July 2018



Thank you Honglin for remembering me...This is a lovely multi- view card card of this Unesco World Heritage Site and Wonder of the World showing The Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.and a map of Egypt.also a nice scene of The Pyramids at sunset.. a surprise card that you have sent to me from your visit...Xie Xie... This is a place I so would like to visit...thank you..
Posted Guangzhou : 18 June : Arrived Sydney :09 July.: Traveled 21 days...Xie  Xie  Honglin..


 A Unesco World Heritage Site card has arrived from a fellow postcard swapper in Russia showing The Lena Pillars in the National Park...another great Unesco card for my collection thank you so much Julia...Spasiba..This is a PIF-RAS card...thank you again.

Saturday, 7 July 2018


Koblenz. : GERMANY.:

Thank you so much dear Andrea for thinking of me with this surprise card from the Postcrossing meeting held in Koblenz  Germany on 23 June .Thank you so much Anrea and also a big thanks to all the post crossers that signed (stamped ) the card.. .Vierlen Danke .for this great card always so good to receive these meet up cards from worldwide..
Posted Koblenz.:24 June : Arrived Sydney :03 July.: Traveled  9 days...



Two recent "first day " maxi cards releases of QEII. Released by Australia post on  April 17th in Elizabeth .South Australia. These cards are extremely popular to exchange.

TOP CARD : QEII at Windsor's  Alexandra Gardens.April 20th 2016.

BOTTOM CARD : shows QEII at The Commonwealth Service in Westminster Abbey London March 9th 2015.