Wednesday, 3 January 2018

United States of America

Washington DC.:  USA.

Happy New Year to all my friends and followers of my blog... Thank you all and may you all have a wonderful year of 2018.
This is my first card for 2018.. Arrived today and is a lovely card showing three of the Washington Monuments of DC. (bottom) The Lincoln Memorial, (centre) The Washington Monument  and at the (rear ) of the scene is The Capitol Building. This is truly a lovely part of the Washington DC with its treasure trove of museums and monuments...I really love this part of the city and spent many days in and around here taking in all that there is to see...and that is immense.if you have never visited this city!! make sure to add it to your "bucket list"..Thank you Vinnie and Boo for this lovely card .
Posted Capital District : 19 December 2017 : Arrived Sydney 03 January 2018: Traveled 15 days.

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