Sunday, 29 April 2018



A nice surprise today ...long time given up for lost is this card from Poland...A "Flags of the World" swap made many months ago.. and I see has taken a long time to arrive...
Thank you Sebastian for this swap...thought it was lost !!!
Posted Poland 25 January 2018 : Arrived Sydney 30 April : Traveled 95 days..

GREETINGS FROM POLAND.  :  Pozdrowienia Polski..

POLAND : covers an area of some 312.679 KM2
POPULATION : of Poland is 38,483,957 inhabitants.
CAPITAL CITY : of Poland is Warsaw
LOCATION : of Poland is in Central Europe.
UNIQUE ; to Poland is that Poland has won 17 Nobel Prizes including four Peace prizes and five in literature.
OIL REFINERY : The first oil refinery in the world in 1856 built by pharmacist and petroleum industry pioneer Ignacy Lukasiewicz.
FAMOUS : The name Marie Sklodowska Currie (1867-1934 ) the first and only Nobel Lauriate in two different sciences and the first female professor at the Sorbonne University in France.
OLDEST : The oldest restaurant in Europe "Piwnica Swidnika" since 1275..
HISTORY.: Poland's name origin from "Polanie " tribe which means people living in open fields.
RULER: "Mieszko"  Duke of Polans first historically documented ruler (c 925- 992 )

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