Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Faroe Islands

Torshavn,: FAROE ISLANDS.:

Thank you so much Rosmarie for organising this swap for me a very difficult card from this location...Thanks again..This is a Greetings from card from the Faroe Islands giving all the Islands relative information..
Posted Torshavn :15 March : Arrived Sydney 14 May. Traveled 72 days...Thank you Rosmarie.

FAROE ISLANDS : Covers an area of some 1,399 KM2
POPULATION: of The Faroes is 50 ,322 inhabitants.
CAPITAL CITY :is Torshavn.
NATIONAL BIRD of The Faroe Islands is the Oyster catcher.
LOCATION.: The Faroe islands lie northwest of Scotland and halfway between Iceland  and Norway.and consists of 18 individual Islands.
EARLIEST SETTLERS.: The Irish hermit Monks are now thought to be the earliest settlers on the Faroe Island and they arrived in the sixth Century bringing with them sheep as well as the very early Irish language.
BIRDS.: A total of 305 bird species have been recorded in The Faroe Island as of January 1st 2012of these around 50 different species breed regularly o the Islands and another 60 are regular visitors.
WEATHER,:The weather here is so shifty that there is a local saying: if you don't like the weather just wait five minutes.!!
FISHING.: is the islands single most important industry providing more than 97% of the export industry.
FAMOUS PEOPLE : of the Faroes are : William Heinesen , Gunnar Neilsen , Neils Ryberg Finsen
POST CROSSING : There are only 11 Postcrossing members on the Faroe Islands.

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