Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Kazan : RUSSIA.

Thank you Svetlana for this nice card showing the Kazan Kremlin with the Spassky Tower..
posted Kazan :15 September : Arrived Sydney12 October : Traveled 28 days...Thank you again Sveta..
The Kazan Kremlin is the chief Historic Citadel of Tartarstan.Situated in The city of Kazan and was built at the behest of Ivan The Terrible on the ruins of the former castle of Kazan Khans and was declared a Unesco World Heritage site in 2000.
The Spasskaya Tower is named after The Spassky Monastery that used to be located nearby. Among the churches other building was The Church of St.Nicholas (1560's four piers ) and the Cathedral of The Saviour's Configuration (1590's six piers ) and were all destroyed during Joseph Stalin's rule.

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