Tuesday, 26 November 2019


Shodoshima .  SHODO ISLAND : Japan.:
 A real surprise card and a first for this area of Japan This is ShodoShima on Shodo Island in Japan that is located in the inland Sea of Japan and the name means literally " Small Beans".. There are two towns on the Island "Tonosho and Shodoshima comprising the district of Shozu. The Island is famous for the setting of the novel "Twenty four eyes" and its subsequent film adaption..The area was the first area in Japan to successfully grow olives and is sometimes known as the "Olive Island ".
Thank you so much Wiho for this nice card...... (info courtesy ) Wikipeadia.
Posted 11 November : Arrived Sydney : 24 November : Traveled  13 days.. Arigato Wiho..

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