Tuesday, 21 January 2020


Sundarban Islands. INDIA.:

 A lovely wildlife card  which I always love to receive and is fom a new place for me the "Sundarban Islands "of India.   this card shows A lesseradjutant Stork taking off in the mangroves..  a lovely card  and Thank you Akhil for this card.
Posted India 03 January : Arrived Sydney :19 January : Traveled 16 days.. Thank you.lovely stamps.

The Sundarban Islands  : is a contiguous natural region found  in India and Bangladesh formed on the Delta of The Ganges Brahmaputra and Megina Rivers and is the largest estaurine Mangrove Forrest in the world.it is a National Park , Tiger Reseve , Unesco World Heritage Site , Biosphere Reserve and the Samsar Wetlands. This is alsio a home to a huge variety of bird, reptile and invertibrate species including the large salt water Crocodile.

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