Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Greetings from Ireland.. so many "Flags of the World" cards arriving  for my collection.. I like this series of cards and the information they relay..
Posted 16 June : Arrived Sydney 11 July : Traveled 26 days . Thank you Riek for this swap..

Greetings from Ireland ..Beannachtai e Eirinn.  Eire  Irish
IRELAND covers an area of some 70,273 KM2.
POPULATION of Ireland is 4,757,976 inhabitants..
CAPITAL CITY of Ireland is Dublin.
LOCATION Western Europe.
UNIQUE to Ireland is The Hook Lighthouse and is thought to be the oldest working lighthouse in Europeor possibly in the world.The present structure was completed either in 1172  or in 1245.
BOAT : The Boyne Coracle is the oldest surviving boat of its kind in Europe and is still built in the same way as it was in the Neolithic or even the Meslothic times.
FAMOUS.: The three famous symbols of Ireland are the green shamrock, the harp and the celtic cross.
PUBS.Dublin boasts 1 pub for every 100 people
HALLOWEEN  traces its origins back to the Gaelic Festival of Samhain
NAMES.: family names starting with "Mac" mean son of and " O' "mean grandson of .
HISTORY : Neolithic site of Newgrange dated 3200 BC passage grave in Europe.The monuments central room was designed to be aligned with the rising sun on the winter solstice which makes it the oldest "Solar Observatory " in the world.
REPUBLIC: The Proclamation of the Irish Republic April 24th 1916 ( from The United Kingdom ).

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