Thursday, 13 July 2017

United States of America

Thank you Shelley for thinking of me on your recent trip. This card shows an old poster card of The "Glacier National Park" located in Montana on the border with Canada's Provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. The Park encompasses a large area of  one million acres ( 4,000 KM2 ) and includes parts of two mountain ranges ( sun Ranges of The Rocky Mountains,) The region that became The Glacier National Park was firstly inhabited by Native Americans and was dominated by the "Blackfeet" in the east and the "Flatheads " in the western regions.
  A crowd in Excess of 4,000 gathered atop Logan Pass in The Glacier National Park on July 15th 1933. They not only celebrated the memory of Americas first National Park director , Stephen T. Mather but witnessed the dedication of what began as the "Trans-Mountain Highway" that took Architects , engineers and construction workers nearly 20 years to complete Mather's vision of what became Glaciers  "Going to the Sun Road"

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