Friday, 14 July 2017


Taipei.: TAIWAN.:
Greetings for Taiwan...and another Flags of the World card for my collection from Chiachi  in Taiwan..Thank you so much for this swap card which I will add to the others.
Posted Taipei : 17 June : Arrived Sydney 25 June : Traveled 8 days...Xie Xie Chi..

Greetings from TAIWAN.:
TAIWAN: covers an area of some 36,193 KM2.
POPULATION : of Taiwan is 23519,518 inhabitants.
CAPITAL CITY of Taiwan is Taipei
LOCATION South East Asia.
UNIQUE : to Taiwan is Taipei 101 and is a landmark of Taiwan  and is a skyscraper standing at 508 meters tall and was at one time the worlds Highest building between (2004-2009 ).
GORGE,: The Taroko Gorge is an extraordinary sub-tropical landscape of mountains, towering walls of marble and limestone,waterfalls,rocky cliffs riddled with tunnels and spanned by hanging bridges.
FAMOUS : Film director. Ang Lee won a myriad of  major international awards including three Academy awards, four BAFTA awards, and three Golden Globe awards.
ISLA FORMOSA :  (Beautiful Island ) The name given by the Portuguese when they saw the Island of Taiwan back in the 16th Century.
HISTORY : 3,000 BC : Arrival of the ancestors of today's Taiwan aborigines. Today the Taiwan indigenous aborigines are about 533,600 and are divided into 16 different recognized groups
1683 Island comes under administration of China's Qing Dynasty.
1947 : Constitution of the Republic of China.
1949 Republic of China relocated to Taiwan.

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