Saturday, 20 October 2018

Channel Islands Jersey



Well this was surprise card and I get many..Thank you so much Rosmarie for sending this card on to me. another great Flags of the World card for my collection and one of many that are difficult to obtain,,thanks again.
Posted Jersay : 26 September : Arrived Sydney 14 October : Traveled18 days.

JERSEY covers an area of some 118.2 KM2
POPULATION of Jersey is 100,080.
LOCATION.: in The Channel Islands
CAPITAL CITY of Jersey is Saint Hellier.
UNIQUE : to Jersey it that it has the largest tidal movements on earth. Rising and falling by an average of some 12 meters  (40ft.) with the islands landmass increasing by a third at low tide.
CARS; Jesrsey has the highest per capita of car owners in the world.
FAMOUS : The State of New Jersey in the USA  is named after the Island of Jersey as t was a gift from Charles11 for the Islands support during the  English Civil War.
CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: Founded in 1768 . The first in The British Isles.
HISTORY : The last land battle fought on British soil was between the French and the Jersey Militia/ /Sottish Highlanders in The Royal Square in 1781
INDEPENDENCE : was atained on the 9th August 1965 from The Britis Empire and reamaining in the Commonwealth of Nations.

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