Friday, 12 October 2018



A nother surpris card today this one for Chloe and a most welcome Flags f the World card for my collection..Thank you so much Chloe for this long awaited card.
 Posted : September 30.: Arrived Sydney : 10 October : Traveled 10 days.

GREETINGS from THE PHILIPPINES         Pagbati mula sa Pilipinas.

THE PHILIPPINES : Covers an area of some  300,000 KM2
POPULATION : of The Philippines is 100,981,437 inhabitants.
CAPITAL CITY ; is Manilla.
LOCATION : Soth China Sea
UNIQUE to the Philippines is the TAAL Volcanoe. Located in a lake in Talisay , Batangas as it has a lake inside it and in the lake is a small island..
RICE TERRACES,: The Rice Terraces of The Cordilleras were built about 2,000 years ago and still remain as they would have been in pre colonial times.
FAMOUS: Emmanuel " Manny "Dapidran Pacquiao one of the greatest boxers of all time.
VOLCANOE.:  Mayon Volcanoe (2,400 meters ) and has a perfectly symmetrical cone shape and is the most active volcanoe in The Philippines and has erupted 49 times in the last 400 years.
HISTORY : The arrival of Ferdinand Magellan in March 1521 marked the beginning of Spanish interest in the Philippines.
AGREEMENT : The first agreement for peace was June 4th 1565.Rajah Tupas and Legazpi signed the agreemet.
INDEPENDENCE : from The USA on 4th July 1946, directly after WWII.

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