Friday, 26 November 2021


   A surprise card  "wow: card has arrived form Malaysia.  Thank you Nurllander for this card  that shows the many facts and interesting sites of Malaysia..These rae very interesting and knowledgable cards to receive . Trima Kasih .
Posted Malaysia 05 October " Arrive Sydney 10 November : Traveled 36 days.

Tuesday, 23 November 2021


 Minsk Belarus !
Here is a lovely multi view card from Istanbul in Turkey ..sent bt a long time friend that was so kind to send me this card from here rececent visit..  although posted in Belarus with this most clourful stamp. This is a lovely card showong some of Istanbuls favourite attractions..  and what a great city it is to visit ! Thank you so much Alena  so wonderful to hear fro you again and thank you somuch for this very thoughtful "surprise" card ..
Posted Minsk  ;BELARUS 26 October: Arrived Sydney :18 November : Traveled 23 days  ..  Thank you again dearAlena.!

Thursday, 18 November 2021


 Bielefeld  GERMANY.:

  As I have previously mentioned I love to receive these Postcrossing Meetings cards !! This is a "Surprise card" and is of the Postcrossing  International meeting held in Bielefeld Germany on the  21 -24 October 2021 . Thank you so much Inger for thinking of me with this card and also big thank you to the so many attendees who have also signed the card .
Posted Bielefeld. : 23 October : Arrived Sydney 08 November : Traveled 10,207 kilomters in 15 days.  Vierlen Danke Inger !


 Kaliningrad : RUSSIA.: 
  Thisis a card sent by  a surprise card member from her recent  trip to Kaliningrad..  I thnk you for most thoughtful and pretty card from your visit there. Thank you .
 Posted  14 October  :Arrived Sydney  08 November : Traveled 25 days   
I must appologise as I see that I have added this card before !!


 I have just received this card from Norway and it is from a "Surprise swap" friends local Railway Station.  I always love to receive these cards of Railway Stations as they are usually of Wonderful buildings that are in ethe centre of town and being an avid train traveler I always love them.  Thank you so much Else for this card.. another for my Railway Staions collection.! 
Posted 01 November : Arrived Sydney 16 November .: Traveled  15 days Tak Else !


 Puolanka .: FINLAND :

 Always nice to receive a Postcrossing meet up card This on is from a meeting in Poulanka Finland .  The 150 Year Anniversarry of  Multi-City meetup  of postcards in Finland  on October 01 - 10  2021.Thank you so much Kristina.! and to all who signed the card . This is a Postcrossing card .Kitos.  shame the stamps were fut on top of one another !!
Posted : 10 October : Arrived Sydney  10 November : Traveled14,956 kilometers in 30 days   

Tuesday, 9 November 2021


 Kaliningrad  RUSSIA.:

 A lovely "surprise" postcard has just arrived from Kaliningrad in Russia..Thanl you so much Maria for this nice card I trust that your vacation in Lainingrad was lots of fun  and you traveled safely. Take care there and stay safe  
POsted 02 October Arrived Sydney 08 November : Traveled 37 days..  Thank you.