Monday 25 March 2024


                                                 HAPPY EATER TO AL  VIEWERS 

 Well a hot day in Sydney tody  so good to be on here once again my computer hs been down a long time ans hve got it repaird again.  a releif to be able to thank all the many knid people who sent cards andI couls not report them  .  That will be rectified  . havw missed being on here and enjoying the many kind words fro all,,  Thank you.  Have a safe and Happy easter..

Thursday 11 January 2024

United States of America


 what a lovely surprise from my great mates in Tennessee.  So good to hear from you as lost touch with you as changed your address ,  so new house too that is great also thanks for the newsy letter on your year of 2023.. Sounds like you were really busy and lots of activity  .Thank you for all your kind thoughts and wisshes.Y'all take care there ya hear. Great pic of Y,all.
.Posted Nashville  December 22 2023, Arrived Sydney  o6 January 2024. Traveled 14 days


  Central Tilba .NSW.  AUSTRALIA.

   Thank you so much Rachel for this lovely card from your recent road trip and from Central Tilba in New South Wales. also your trip to the local dairy..  I have visited tha area and is such a lovely part of the country. Thanks for thinking of me with this card on your trip. Christmas 2023.

Sunday 7 January 2024


 Berlin  GERMANY
 Thank you so much Birgit for hinking of me with thia lovely Christmas card from Berlin. Thank you also for the cards that you have sent during the Year.  Merry Chistmas and   a Happy New Year to , I trust that the New Year will see you enjoy much travelling.. Vierlen Danke !

Thursday 4 January 2024

United States of America

 Maine USA.:

 Thank you dear Stacia for this lighthouse card>   this is a great one to add my co;;ection happy New YEar my dear and trust all is good in your world. The card states All dressed up,Portland head lighthouseay Cape Elizabeth Maine, thank you for this surprise card
. PostedDecember 10 . Arrived Stdney 28 December ,,  Thank you my dear.


 Nether lands   
 Thank you frank for Yhis Unesco  World Heritage site that you have posted from The Netherlands  . Thank you thinking of ,e with this"surprise card"  unfortuneately I cannott understand  the text.  Posted 11 November : Received 29 December : Traveled 38  days Thank you .

Unoted States of america

 Maryland  USA,

 Thank you Vinnie and Boo always great to hear fro you mate  we have a long time now, Well This is my first card that has to post here  in 2024.  Thank you .I trust all is good in your world and think of you o :1Ddecember 2023 : Arrived Syney 26 December 2023,  thanks mate.


                                                 HAPPY EATER TO AL  VIEWERS   Well a hot day in Sydney tody  so good to be on here once agai...