Monday, 5 June 2023

United States o America

 Detroiy  MICHIGAN  USA 

   Thank you Kristy for this card... another in the many sent from your recent trip in the USA .This card from  Detroit  in Michigan  a card that has many great memories for me from there .The Home of some great things I vividly remember the  " Big Fist"   a memorial tribute to the late great " Brown Bomber" the famouus boxeing  world Champion  Joe Louis  also the home of the American Auto so many wonderful makes and models  manufactured here  NOT  forgetting the Home of "Tamla Motown "  that marvellous music from the seventies and eighties  what a place !! . A trip inder the river in the tinnel  found me in that beautiful place   "Windsor"  in Camada  home of the famous windsor V/8   Ford motor   so treasured today   and Thank you Maria and family for your great friendship and  hospitality .

United States of America


 This is another really colourful card from your travels Kristy  and thank you for remembering me  .This card is from Boulder in Colorado and one of many recently received  Thank you . This is a place I always wanted to visit  I hope that your time there was fun  and  and good memories 

United States ofAmerica

 Portland  OREGON uSA 

 Thank you kristy for this among the few cards that you have sent me from your recent trip in The USA.. This card from Portland Oregon . I trust that was a fun destination for you .. great card!  

Friday, 2 June 2023


  Nerja  SPAIN :

  Thnak you so much dear Inge for this card from Nerja  Spain  This lovely town is located on the  Costa Del Sol.   what a great place to be in to have your Spanish course .   I envy you and wish I was there  as I have also wanted to learn Spanish too...   it is getting too cold here now.  Thank you once again and enjoy your stay there . The card shows many of the lovely attractions to be seen there . Thank you again my dear Inge  for thinking of me with this card .
 Posted 09 May Nerja : Arrived Sydney 29 May : Traveled 20 days 

Tuesday, 23 May 2023

United States of America

 Naples Florida  USA

 Thank you so much once again Mel  and Boyd for thinking of me  when you are travelling and visiting ..This kind card was sent from Naplaes Florida and trust that this was  a fun place for you to visit. The card shows some nice sunny scenes of Naples thanks so much again guys   love it !
 PostedPosted 03 January  2023.   Arrived Sydney 17 May 2023.   Traveled   long time !!

Friday, 19 May 2023


  Broken Hill   N.S.W.  AUSTRALIA 

 A card received recently from Broken hill in the far westt Of the New South Walses  state  . A huge ming company BHP ..,that started here as a smal silver mine , and  is now world wide and one of the biggest mining companies in the world .   A great town to visit and  a  really outback A"Aussie" town  They call it the "Silver City "   Thank you Kristy for this card   a great "aussie crad"


 Niagra Falls  Ontario 

 A surprise card has arrived this is from an American Postcrosser and sent this card from her recebttrio to Canada for a celebration.   The card shows The Stone Fort Niagra Lighthouse  that was constructed in 1871 and and is visible for 25 miles on Lake Ontarion.
 Thank you so much for this lovely Postcrossing card  Violet 
  Posted  New Jersey April 29  :Received Sydney 17 May . Thraveled 18 days .

United States o America

 Detroiy  MICHIGAN  USA     Thank you Kristy for this card... another in the many sent from your recent trip in the USA .This card from  Det...