Monday, 28 August 2023



 Thank you so much Dear cathy for this great Aussie postcard  that commemorates ANZAC Day here in Australia and New Zealand.  Anzac Day  is celebreated on the 25th of April every year  in every town village and city in  Australia  and New Zealand in commemortaion of all the many lives lost  to war..originating in the first World War of 1914  - 1918   a lovely  maxi card with matching stamp.  Thank you Cathy..
  Posted 20 August .  Arrived Sydney 24 Ajugust . Traveled  4 days .

Saturday, 26 August 2023


  Thank you (Kitos )  dear Traja for this lovely card with all the spring flowers and lovely lake scene.  
   Posted  23 July  Arrived Sydney 20 August : Traveled 28 days . Thank you Tarja.

Friday, 11 August 2023


 Rome . :  ITALY.:

  Another great Map of the World card for my collection ,,and Thank you so much Arnold.   Always so kind of you to remember me on your travels.   Thanks again...   This is a great series  as  these cards are full of geographical information on the country involved.   Italy a country  most popualr for travellers and tourists alike just full of wonderful things to see and great food to eat.. 
  Posted Rome :09 July : Arrived Sydney  09 August : Traveled 30 days .. Thanks mate.!

( UK ) England.

 Oxford  : UK.

 Thank you dear Jemma  I always love to see a railway card.  This is a lovely card showing scenes of The Severn Valley Railway in the UK,.   Thank you and always love to enjoy a train ride..  also so nice to see the railway Stations that are usually kept in lovely conditions  and are always so different,  This is a surprise card .   I love it !!  thanks again Jemma,also lovely bridge stamp.

Postes Oxford  21 July : Arrived Sydney 08 August: Traveled  17 days  ,  

Sunday, 6 August 2023


Swapkopmund : NAMIBIA.:

What a great card that has just arrived from Namibia   from a good friend travelling there.  My favourite wildlife subjects are these naughty little Meerkats..  I adore these little animals..  they are so good to watch.  Thank you so much Inge for thinking of me on your travels ..   I cant beleive that it took eight months to gethere though !! that is amazing.. Thanks again my dear theis and south Africa are definately on my  bucket list..
 Posted swapkopmund : 22 October 2022, Arrived Sydney 04 August  2023.. traveled long time !!!

Friday, 28 July 2023


 Brasov ,: ROUMANIA.

 A most welcomed card from a good friend has just arrived fro Roumania and a city called Brasov.  This was a place that I was going to visit unfortunately the train went through in the middle of the night .  Previous friends had mentioned that it was a very interesting city to visit..  Well Marie Thank you for this lovely card and I hope that you hahave enjoyed your travels  and Thank you so much  Marie for thinking of me with this nice card   .  
 PostedBrasove :18 July : Arrived Sydney  28 July .: Traveled  10 days  .  


Porto Allegre .   BRASIL.: 

A great meeting card from Brasil.  This is a surprise card and how nice it is to receive this  card as postal services from Brasil have been off the table for some time now and how nice to hear from dear Carla once again.. Thank you so much my dear for this colourful card..  Thanks also to all the  attendees at this meet up that signed this card  . This was from a Postcrossing meet up  that was held in Porto Alegre to celebrate The "Festival of "Fiesta Jumina 'on the June 24th 2023.. Thank you so much Carla.   hugs .
 Posted from Porto Allegre..


 AUSTRALIA.  Thank you so much Dear cathy for this great Aussie postcard  that commemorates ANZAC Day here in Australia and New Zealand.  An...