Monday, 18 February 2019

United States of America.

Franklin : Tennessee: USA.
 OH !!! what a really pleasant surprise card this ....Thank you so much Mel for thinking of me ...a real surprise.. A Valentines Day card...long time since I have had one of these. I love it ..thanks dear  Mel.
Posted Franklin TN :07 February : Arrived Sydney 16  February: Traveled 9 days.



A "Surprise card" from Alderney in the Channel Islands ...what a great card with a great matching stamp.. Card shows the small Alderney Railway since 1847 only for about two mile, and .it runs former London Underground Tube stock cars aka 1959.  and a Vulcan Drewry 0-4-0. Diesel.. What a great card thank you so much. Frank I love it..!!
Posted Alderney 07 February arrived 16 February : Traveled 9 day

Friday, 15 February 2019



I am lucky to have many different friends that swap cards with me . This lovely colourful card illustrates the lovely embroidery that is some of the widespread folk applied art that is to be found in Azerbaijan. The decorative embroidery was applied to various forms satin , breadcloth ,velvet , as well as by chainstitch using colourful silk threads  Nowadays an ancient school of embroidery has been kept in many towns of Azerbaijan and only differeing in the use of silk and woolen threads.. thank you Nuray for these lovely cards that you have swapped..
Posted Baku 10 November 2018 : Arrived Sydney06  January : Traveled 46 days.


Tbilisi GEORGIA.:

Thank you  Khaty ..for this nice surprise .. This is a great card and I have heard much of this amazing wine museum. The card shows the Wine Cellar Museum in Velistsikhe (Kalkheti Region ) of Georgia..We really must go there. I really would like to visit this country of yours Kahaty..!!. it looks just so nice,,, Thank you so much for this card and the fine stamps that you have added...
Posted Tblisi: 31 January: Arrived Sydney : 13 February : Traveled 14 days.. Thanks agin Khaty. !!



 A Postcard United card has  just arrived from Germany. Thank you Susan for this nice card of the mother duck and family and your kind text....Yes I am sure that you are looking forward to spring after the cold winter is just the opposite.. Vierlen Dank Susan fur die wunderbarre postkarte..
Posted 31 January : Arrived Sydney 13 February : Traveled 13 days..



Thank you Grace for this surprise card .. This is a country" Icon card" from Mexico and another great card for the collection of this series of cards .The card shows the many and many world famous "Icons" from Mexico..and the food is known and eaten everwhere. Thanks Grace for this card.


Rajburi : THAILAND:

What a lovely colourful card  from a surprise card swapper from Thailand .. Thank you Melanie for such a nice card..Located not far from the capital Bangkok one can find this great floating market in a town called Rajburi. I have been to this floating market and is just like this with all the many different fruits and vegetables one can find on one boat or another..all jostling for a good spot !!I agree it is easy to watch them for hours.
Psted 24 January : Arrived Sydney : 12 February .Traveled 19 days..Thank you Melanie....