Thursday, 13 December 2018

Christmas Island

Christmas Island WA.
 I am so pleased that these cards have finally arrived from Christmas Island..I was wondering if the had got lost.!!! This is another in The Flags of the World Series of cards..and another for my collection..thank you Dennis,!!!  Greetings from Christmas Island.
Posted  Christmas Island : 01 December : Arrived Sydney 12 December .Traveled 11 days..

 CHRISTMAS .ISLAND. Covers an area of 35 KM2.
 POPULATION : OF C.I. Is 2,072 inhabitants.
CAPITAL CITY :of C.I is  Flying Fish Cove.
UNIQUE : to C.I. is that there are 46 caves on the Island with Lost Lake cave , Daniel Roux cave and Full Frontal Cave being the most well known.
NATIONAL PARK : 63% of The Island has been declared a National Park.
FAMOUS.:Abbotts Booby is and endangered seabird of the sulid family that rests on the Island.
MIGRATION.:The annual "Red Crab" migration around 100 milliom crustaceans moving to the sea to spawn has been called one of the wonders of the natural world.
HISTORY :Early History The first European it is said to sight the Island was Richard Rowe of the "Thomas" in 1615 .The Island was later named Christmas Island on the 25th December 1643 by Captain William Mynors.. but was only settled in the late 19th Century.

United States of America

Honolulu : HAWAII : USA :

Thank you John for this card and trust that you are enjoying your trip. This card shows the Various Islands That make up the Hawaiin group of Islands ..Nice map card thank you.


Dresden ; GERMANY.:
I can't get enough of these Postcrossing Meetings cards. This one from the Postcrosing meeting held there in Dresden Germany on the 02 December 2018..A lovely night time Christmas scene of the city of Dresden. This is a surprise card from Heidi T and thank you very much for thinking of me from this meeting   also a big thanks to all atendees that have also signed the card.
 Posted Dresden : 03 December : arrived Sydney 12 December : Traveled 9 days...Thank you Heidi..

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

United States of America

Land of The Navajo.

Thank you Arnold for this lovely card from The Land of The Navajo..a lovely colourful card showing Navajo family around a campfire  great   I love it !  thank you mate for your kind wishes and may I also return my best wishes to you and your family..Thank you
Posted ; 03 Decemberr : Arrived Sydney 11 December : Traveled 8 days..Merry Christmas mate !

United States of America

Washington DC.

Hello again John ..great to hear from you again and thanks for your new address I lost the othere one..Great to receive a card from DC as I lived there for three years..many memories here  and visited every scene on the card that shows the many wonderful monuments and wonderful sights to see in the Nations Capital. even the great  Iwo Jima Memorial in Virginia..just over the bridge   Thanks John :
 Posted  DC 19 November : Arrived Sydney 07 December : Traveled 18 days..



 Another of these colourful map cover cards that I really like.. and this is another for the collection.. map card shows map of India and so many facts and figures.. Thank you Akhil for this card swap.
Posted 23 November : Arrived Sydney 10 December : Traveled 18 days.. 


Vientiane.  LAOS.:

Hi Chris.? so you are in Laos..Thanks for thinking of me mate on your travels trust that you are really enjoying that part of the world.. Thanks for this map card showing the various areas within Laos and the many various women in their National dress Thanks so much for this card
Posted Vientiane 30 November : Arrived Sydney 11 December : Traveled 12 days.. Thanks mate.!!