Sunday, 14 July 2019

Puerto Rico


Thank you Arnold for this card from your trip o San Juan  and for thinking of me.. This is a greetings from card  and a nice one for my collection.. Thank you so much 

Aland Islands

 Aland Islands.  SWEDEN
A lovely Greetings card from the Aland Islands.. a surprise card from Inge  thank you so much for this card with all the relevant information of the Aland Islands..from a postcrossing meet up there ..thank you also to all the attendees that also signed the card.

Wednesday, 10 July 2019


Thank you once again Poonam for the lovely cards that you have gotten for me while on your trip to Bhutan.This card posted fom India and show the unique masks and the lovely colours that celebrate them.I love the many varied masks in the world..
Posted India 28 May : Arrived Sydney 20 June. : Traveled 23 days.. Thank you Poonam..

Spiritual practitioners visualise tutelary guardian deities to dispel confussion and generate mental clarity.Representing 5 dayani buddhas .The five colours represent :symbolize the four elements and the conciousness , which independently create life forms. Yellow (earth) Red (fire ) Blue ( water ) green (air) and White (conciousness ).


Berlin : GERMANY.:

What a great pic !! This card is of a photographic winning shot of this Yellow Billed Horbill catching insects foraging beside a track in South Africas Kgalagardi Trans Frontier Park..The bird was  so engrossed in killing these insects that it took no notice of the photographer..William Kruger ( birds ) finalist 2016.
Thank you for this great wildlife surprise card Djuke..


Bad Nauheim.: GERMANY.:

I am so lucky latey to be receiving so many Postcrossing meetings cards and also train cards.. I must thank Marion for this nice surprise card from Germany and the meeting held there at the railway and castle meeting on the 05 May 2019.. Thank you Marion and also to all the ttendees that also signed the meeting card..



A lovely surprise card from a good friend  Thank you so much Gaynor for this "Flags of the World" card from Botswana..A great addition to my collection..
Posted from Gaborone 21 May. Arrived Sydney  ? June. 

BOTSWANA covers an area of some 581,730 KM2.
POPULATION of Botswana is 2,250,260 inhabitants.
CAPITAL CITY of Botswana is Gaborone
UNIQUE to Botswana is the Border with Zambia which is the Zambesi River and is only 150 meters which makes it the shortest border in the world.
CURRENCY :  The Pula is the currency of Botswana. Pula literally means "rain" in Setswana because rain is very rare in Botswana.
ELEPHANTS.:  Botswana is the home of the African Elephant and  has the largest concentration of African Elephants
MINING.: Botswanas Orapa mine is the largest diamond mine in the world in terms of value and quantity of carats produced annually.
OKAVANGO DELTA. is one of the worlds largest inland deltas.
INDEPENDENCE . was aquired 30th September 1966 from the United Kingdom.
MODERN MAN.: Evidence left my modern humans such as cave paintings and are about 73,000 years old.
INHABITANTS  : Stone tools date to about 400,000 ya.

Tuesday, 9 July 2019


Vienna AUSTRIA.:

What a colourful multi view card arrived today. with the many thumbnail photographs of the many wonderful scenes to be visited in the beautiful city of Vienna.. Yes ..thank you Inge surely is a lovely city with amazing architecture I am sorry that I did not spend longer there. I see that you are really enjoying your visit.. Thank you so much for  this lovely card from your recent visit there..
Posted Vienna 26 June Arrived Sydney : 09 July : Traveled 14 days.