Sunday, 9 August 2020


A badly damged Postcrossing card arrived today in my mailbox  a post card United card with no writing no siganature exactly the card that you don't like receiving .. card shows a Fairground somewhere in China,..
 Posted  China 09 JUne : Arrived Sydney 10 August : Traveled  62 days.

United States of America


This is another State Bird and State Flowers of America card  for my collection.. I particularly like this series of cards and  am geting a lot for swaps now. Thank you Arnold for this anothr card in this series The card shows The State Bird of Arkansas The Northern Mockingbird.. and also The State Flower of Arkansas The Apple Blossom.. love this card !! Thank you Arnold. :
Posted Houston :11 July : Arrived Sydney 04 August : Traveled 24 days..



I must confess that I am very fond of wildlife cards.. This card shows this lynx and is a lovely card  Thank you so much Anke for sending my request..  I love this card and will sit well with my wildlife collection of cats.. This is a surprise card   Vierlen Danke Anke. !
Posted Germany : 24 July : Arrived Sydney 09 : Traveled 16 days   

United States of America

Washington state : USA
 This black and white card shows a station foremans home loacted on "The Nebraskas Cowboy Rail line" .The section crews were paid to perform regular maintenamce on the stretches of railway track that was assigned to them.They inspected the rail lines to make sure that they were safe and stable and replaced rotted ties and rebuilt the roadbeds where neccesary, Pictured  is the foremans home beside the tracks .. Thank you so much  Stacia for this card another for my train collection of cards.
Posted Seattle  WA.: 19 July : Arived Sydney 06 August :Traveled 18 days. A surprise card.!!

Czech Republic


  What a great card  THanks George  for this card  I love bird cards and this card shows the little blue wren looking up at this ancient statue  a great card  Thanks  This is a surprse card  from feelow member..
Posted Prague : 11 June : Arrived Sydney 04 August : Traveled 24 days.  THanks George..


Shenyang : CHINA.

A Postcrossing meet up card has just arrived from Shenyang in China..  although dated February 29th for the meeting  The card was posted much later  .  Thank you for this card although no signature Thank you for this card and to all attendees that signed the card also..  Xie Xie
Posted 16 June : Arrived Sydney 05 August :  Traveled  8,878   kilometers in 52 days.



Thank you Julia for this lovely colourful card of this scene of this Parliarment building.. A wonderful looking castle  for this building..Soon to be possibly made a World Heritage building. This is a Postcrossing card   thank you for this card and your kind thoughts.
Posted 08 July : Arrived Sydney 06 August: Traveled  16 641 kilometers in  29 days.